CSE 240C: Advanced Microarchitecture (Winter 2018)

Instructor: Hadi Esmaeilzadeh

Email: hadi [AT] eng [DOT] ucsd [DOT] edu
Office: CSE 3228
Office hours: Monday Wednesday 5-6pm

Atieh Lotfi: alotfi [AT] eng [DOT] ucsd [DOT] edu
Shelby Thomas: sht005 [AT] eng [DOT] ucsd [DOT] edu
Office hours: Fridays 3-4pm, B215

Student presentations

One of the students will present the assigned paper and lead the discussion on the paper. Each presenter will prepare an hour-long talk that will include questions for an in depth analysis of the paper and/or questions stemming from the paper. For classes that you prepare a presentation, you are not responsible for a critique. You are very much encouraged to ask the authors to send you their conference talk or any other slides they might be willing to share. Communicating and engaging with other researchers is a necessity. Augment the provided slides with strengths and weaknesses of the paper. Prepare discussion questions and insert them in appropriate location in the the talk. Please make sure to engage everybody in the discussion and feel free to ask question from the audience. Try to come up with new ideas and brainstorm those ideas with the class.


The oral presentations will help you to communicate and analyze your own and others' ideas through spoken words. Furthermore, we will develop new ideas during discussions.


I will evaluate your talk and on a a scale on one to ten. You can earn a bonus point; however, most talks will receive a ten. I will allocate more point to slide preparation when the presenter does not have access to the authors deck.

Material for leading discussions